Suzy with “Moments Notice”
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The Denver music scene has known Suzy as a performer of the highest caliber since the late 1970's. Her jazz combo work began in Denver clubs with the Billie Miles Band, led by Vic Cionetti. She recorded and toured with legendary singer Glen Yarborough in the 1980's and also began her big band work with an energetic kicks band "Jazz Explosion". This began an enduring friendship and professional relationship with Jerry Barnett and Moment's Notice Entertainment, Denver's top society and event entertainment company. People have come to know Suzy as the original “diva” for Moment's Notice and she continues to perform at special events in a number of formats.

Suzy also has a long history as part of the a cappella music scene in Colorado, starting with the all female "Dirty Blondes" and also "Charm School Dropouts".