Keep Coming Back Christmas
Busman's Holiday Low-Fi Hi-Fi Download A Rocky Christmas 2001 Low-Fi Hi-Fi Download
Nothin' But Heartache Your Love Fits
Busman's Holiday Low-Fi Hi-Fi Download Busman's Holiday Low-Fi Hi-Fi Download
Although spending much of her life lending her talents to other people's recordings, Suzy has also been fortunate enough to record some music for herself. A number of her recordings are available. Her own CD Busman's Holiday is a collaboration with her husband Paul Vastola and the talented pianist Eric Gunnison. Busman's Holiday features Colorado's best players and singers as well as talent from far and wide. It contains songs from some of music's greatest songwriters and was a pure pleasure to create.

Suzy spent several years as a member of The Mother Folkers, a collaboration of gifted female musicians. The group performed for 25 years on the area music scene and Baby Jane Records captured their 25th annual performance in " Alive at 25".

Rocky Mountain Recorders partner Gannon Kahiwa produced the wonderful Christmas album "A Rocky Christmas 2001" which features Suzy's vocals, again accompanied by an impressive cast of players.