Output Formats
     •Reel to Reel, Cassette
     •MP3,WAV, AIFF
     •Digital Downloads
    Suzy works from 2 state of the art
    recording facilites
Suzy's voice work is generated from her 2 high-powered voice studios, one in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains and one in Downtown Denver. Both have full professional capabilities. Phone patch assisted recording can be done, as well as state of the art ISDN codec operations. The ISDN setups feature full compatibility with Musicam Layer II ,Telos Layer III and G.72 audio coding systems. Bridged connections to any other codecs can be provided by ED Net.

Both studios can produce voice content on DAT, CD, reel to reel, cassette and in digital audio MP3, WAV and AIFF file formats. The digital files can be easily downloaded from her server site.

The studios are equipped with Suzy's favorite Mic, the Sony C-48 studio condenser that was carefully selected for her voice. Focusrite platinum microphone processors deliver that rich sound that is so well known to her clients. Suzy is often available for sessions at a moments notice and has been available for her clients on major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day.

Additionally Suzy is a partner in Rocky Mountain Recorders, renowned as the top full service recording facility in the Rocky Mountain Region. Needless to say, technically - Suzy has you covered!
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